The Latest robot.txt 2019 Settings and Super SEO Tag Header

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Robot.txt and Super SEO 2019 Tag Header Guide

  1. You log in to the blog dashboard
  2. Enter the Settings, menu ,
  3. selectSearch Preferences,
  4. then See Crawling and indexing
  5. Do you choose Custom robots.txt?, click Edit. Then enter the custom robot.txt code below in the available column, then click Save Changes.
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Change the code that I marked with your blog's URL. Look at the picture:
1User-agent: *, includes all Google Googleboot robots. Among them are Googleboot, Mediapartner Google, googlebot-images, googleboot-Video, Googleboot-News, and Googleboot-mobile.
2 Disallow: / search , meaning that all urls in the / search directory will not be crawled by search engines. For the blogger himself, Dissalow: / search row is highly recommended so there is no duplicate title and description in the search results.
3 Allow: / : means that robots.txt allows search engines to crawl the entire URL or link in the website directory. With the exception when applied row Disallow on robots.txt.
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