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How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger - Use Analytics with Blogger - Probloglive
If you’re serious about blogging and getting more traffic to your blog, installing Google Analytics on your blog is a must. Google Analytics is a suite of website traffic tools that helps you monitor your website traffic as well as where your traffic is coming from and lots more.

STEP 1: Sign Up for Google Analytics

  1. Go to the Google Analytics web page.
  2. Sign in using your Google account email. For, you can use the same email you use for your blog.
  3. You will need to Sign Up for an Analytics account.
  4. Under What would you like to track? choose Website.
  5. Select an Account Name.
  6. Enter your Website Name and Website URL.
  7. Choose an Industry Category that best fits your blog topic.
  8. Choose your time zone for accurate reports.
  9. Under Data Sharing Settings, read through what each option includes and select the options that best fit your situation. I generally leave them all checked.
  10. How to install Google Analytics to Blogger blog
  11. Click the Get Tracking ID button.
  12. How to setup Google Analytics for Blogger blog
  13. Accept the Terms of Service.
  14. You will be taken directly to your account dashboard and your Tracking ID will be prominently displayed on the page. This is the code you need to add to Blogger. Copy this code and hang onto it for Step 2.
    How to setup Google Analytics for Blogger blog
  15. 3. You will see 2 codes. You have to copy those codes and paste it in your blog.
  16. Copy the first code and go to blogger dashboard
  17. Go to "Settings> Other".
  18. You will find a small box under the Google Analytics section.
  19. Paste the code 1 here and click on "Save settings".
  20. How to setup Google Analytics for Blogger blog
  21. Go to "Theme". Click on "Backup" to prevent any unwanted damage to blog.
  22. Now, click on "Edit HTML".
  23. Click once inside the HTML coding box and press "ctrl+F" to bring search box. Search for
  24.  <head> Then, copy the second code and paste it above  <head>
  25. How to setup Google Analytics for Blogger blog
  26. It will look like this
  27. How to setup Google Analytics for Blogger blog
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